Master of Chaos, Chunk, and All Things Sludge

Bridge – DC: 18.7k Ohms, Alnico 9 magnet
Neck – DC: 14.4k Ohms, Alnico 3 magnet

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Chaos and destruction dripping from every note and sound pushed through this set. The alnico 9 bridge trades in saturation in favor of sustaaaain, retaining every ounce of raw aggression that could possibly be begged for. Loaded in the chamber of this weapon is a mass of bass response, sizzling mids that flow into crunchy, pleasing highs. Oh, and did we mention the sustain?

The alnico 3 neck brings in blues with an unshakable vintage vibe and brilliant sustain. Thick vintage feel bringing a strangely comforting off kilter feel to the set, adding to the chaotic over all feel emanating off the Warlord.

As standalone and noteworthy as each pickup is by itself, their contribution is far more valuable and interesting when you bring them together in one sound. Combined in the middle position they come together to bring us SLUDGE CITY. The aggressive cut and sustain nature of the bridge, the saggy warm vintage feel of the neck, that specific combination makes for an extremely complicated sonic experience. Want to take it to the next level? We highly recommend a fuzz box for this specific application.

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