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Colossal Output. Savage, Searing Tone

Bridge – DC: 20.9k Ohms, Alnico 5 Magnet (Optional: Ceramic magnet)
Neck – DC: 18.2 Ohms, Ceramic magnet (Optional: Alnico 5 magnet)

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For extreme metal applications, the shear sizzling output of this set in both the neck and bridge yield supreme results in fast paced, high gain settings. By nature, Patriots have a savage, unforgiving character with a knockout punch of output. However, thanks some alnico magic in the bridge, and the ceramic neck, these monsters have a well-rounded frequency response with a strong overall midrange presence, a mildly thick bottom end and a comfortable cut in the highs.What this means is that you will most certainly be heard and then some.  High gain leads will have plenty of depth and pinch harmonics will be thick and robust.  Riffing, chugging, and/or djenting will produce a snarl and tastefully saturated tone. Thanks to the scatter wound coils, every note will be heard loud and clear.  While most mass-produced pickups in this output class have a natural harshness or brittle sound about them, this is not the case here. Every note is loud and clear and heard with distinction.

If raw power, searing output and crushing front-end drive are what you seek, these savages are begging to please.

Looking for the output with even more edge and cut, but a little less saturation? The ceramic bridge delivers.

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  1. harrisonstewart67 (verified owner)

    I have the Patriot in two different guitars, a PRS S2 and a PRS CE24 and in both, this pickup sounds monstrous. It harnesses every frequency and pushes it to breaking up like a teen couple. Absolute monster of a pickup.

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