Please note: All orders placed after November 30th will begin being built January 1st, 2019.

There are lots of ways to customize your pickups,
some are even free of charge!


All Guitarmory pickups come standard with four-conductor wiring. All pickup sets can be either the standard PAF-style, which has one coil with adjustable pole pieces and one coil with fixed slugs, or they can have two coils with adjustable pole pieces. Six-string sets with dual adjustable coils MUST BE UNCOVERED.

Guitarmory six-string sets have multiple options for covers, including the commonly seen chrome, nickel, and gold covers, plus some more artistic choices shown below. Metal covers are only available for six-string guitars. Wood covers are available for seven, and eight string guitars only. Specialty models are manufactured by NRG Design at the request of The Guitarmory.

All Guitarmory pickups can be outfitted with black, nickel, and gold slugs and/or screws at no extra charge!

If you choose black as your screw/slug color, you can get mini-dome adjustable pole pieces, that can be adjusted with an allen key! Six-string sets, if uncovered, can have black, zebra, black/white zebra, creme, and white bobbins, at no extra charge!