Please note: Orders are open for a limited time, please review the FAQ portion of our site prior to placing your order as our return / cancellation policies have changed.
What is your Product Warranty?
All Guitarmory products are subject to free repair/replacement in the event of manufacturer defect for the original owner only. Any structural modification to the pickup once you have received it will result in this policy being void. For orders with wood bobbins and/or covers, the up-charge is non-refundable should you decide to cancel or return your order. Refunds: As all of our sets are made to order, your refund will be processed once your order has been completed and sold as an in-stock item. You will be refunded your paid amount, minus a 20% stocking fee.
What is your Wiring Color Code?
Red is north start, Black is north finish, Green is south start, and White is south finish. Or put simply, Red is the hot wire that goes to the switch, black and white get soldered together and taped, green and bare are ground.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Due to COVID19, we are quoting 12 weeks due to supply and shipping delays.

Do you offer OEM services?
We certainly do, please email to inquire further.